lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Wii Sports Accident

Just the other day, a coworker of mine captured one of the fabled "Wii Remote Smash" accidents on video at a birthday party. Enjoy!

EDIT 1/2 3:31PM - YouTube folks continue to astound me, what with a new spate of emails accusing me of being a "hater" against Nintendo (why? I myself own a Wii and enjoy it). Still other people have told me that the kid was swinging a real bat, and that Wii Remotes don't look like that. Well, actually, there are third-party accessories made for use with Wii Sports, one of the accessory sets containing a bat extension:

EDIT 12/22 11:50PM - Comments are now disabled for this video. I'm sick of people talking about how they'd like to beat the kid, or whatever. That's pretty deranged, folks.

In addition, there have been several complaints that it's fake, but so far nobody has offered me any reasons as to *why* it's fake. Part of the confusion is probably because I didn't explictly say this in the description (in fact, I didn't say what got broken at all), but let me make it clear now:

This did not result in the television getting broken. The glass door to the entertainment center, which covers the middle shelves, was broken.

You can hear the announcer say "Strike!" at the very end of the video, if the TV's CRT itself had been broken its fuse would've blown, shutting it off.

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